Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lost in Hawaii.

Today we went up to Manoa Falls.

It was a .8 mile hike, but it ascended like, 800 feet.

We walked over roots and mud and rocks. Treacherous, but worth it once we got there.

It was amazing to hear the sounds of birds and animals and realize that they weren't being piped in through speakers. I know it sounds silly, but normally when you hear the bird calls we were hearing it's at a zoo or something and they have them playing in random places as ambiance.

But wait, that's not all.

Do we have any "Lost" fans out there in internet land?

If so, check this out:

Parts of the show are filmed up here.

First we have the field where the infamous "The Door" is brought in when they need to film it.

Also, in this field they film various "running through a field" scenes. It's got great lighting, and they just shoot from different angles to make it look like a new place each time.

But wait, there's more.

Anyone catch the season finale? Where they went to the Orchid Station?

The Station that had the hidden elevator amongst a bunch of potted plants and green houses?

Yeah, it was filmed up here too.

They also have the building where the 'water' station was filmed, but you couldn't see that part.

Just as we were leaving after seeing the Orchid Station, it started to rain crazy heavy rain.

I'm not sure if Jaqui is more excited about finding the Orchid station or the rain in this photo.

Either way, it's very Shawshank Redemption.

But don't think we're done just yet.

Oh no. Wait until this next weekend when we are up in North Shore.

We have a LOT more Lost to show you all.

With some really special surprises...

Stay Tuned.



Rhandi said...

I love that you are blogging from Hawaii. You are so awesome! I am totally in love with that photo of you in the rain... the only way it could possibly be any cooler would be if it were just tropical forest in the back, so it looked like you were completely removed from civilization.

j said...

if i was standing with my back to the cars, the camera would have been trashed.

i dont think you understand the amount of rain that is coming down in that picture.

it was epic.

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