Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ahhh! The sound of rushing water...





So the past couple days we have noticed this sound in our house. It was very faint, but got more and more noticable. It sounded like someone had left a sink running or something. As the water consumption in this house is staggering, we usually just write it off as "oh it is the dishwasher or clothes wacher or someone just flushed the toilet" Water is in constant use around here. (we are horrible citizens of earth, I know but work it out. I'm trying my best here)Usually those things are the culperate.

But yesterday morning we awoke to "the sound". It sounded like someone had turned the outside hose on full blast and then just walked away.

My husband got up and got ready for work at normal time. By 6:30 he was walking out the door , when he heard ...."the sound". He pinpointed the source of it and realized we had a bit of a problem on our hands. He then called in to work, changed his clothes and got to work digging up the front yard.

It turns out an "on/off" valve has broken it's seal and was spraying water. Problem with this was about 4 feet under ground. So he spent the better part of his morning digging a giant hole in our front yard. Then came the hard part. The actual plumbing issues. Considering we can't really afford to pay some plumber $200 an hour just to come out and fix a valve, he went online and learned how to do it himself. He also called his Dad out for a second opinion. Between the two of them, they figured out the problem, fixed the problem and even got to work a blow torch. How cool is that?

Only problem with all of this, is that we had no water for the better part of the day. You would think that Bug was in heaven. Being able to pee in the back yard and not get in trouble for it. AWESOME!!!

Anyhow, problem is solved. No more leaks or sprays or anything like it. Also water is back on and we are just going to have to pee indoors again.

Just when the fun was beginning.
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JohnsonJohnson said...

Looks more like two feet deep not four. Did you use map gas?

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