Thursday, June 26, 2008

Today we snorkel.

So today we went about 30 minutes west of Honolulu to do some serious snorkeling off a giant reef. It usually takes about a half an hour or so until we are completely comfortable with the whole breathing under water thing, but once we got over that, it was awesome.

We saw all kinds of tropical fish and even an eel. It is really one of the most relaxing things I have ever done. I really love it. You are just bobbing in the water completely weightless listening to the vibrations of the waves through the water and the rhythmic sounds of your own breathing. All the while being submersed in your own private aquarium. It it very soothing. For a couple hours I even forgot how much I missed the kids :)

We took a bunch of pictures with an underwater camera, but stone age technology that it is, I have to take them and get developed. So I don't have any pictures to show you what we saw under water. But I do have a couple to show of what we saw above ground.

Tomorrow we go up to North shore for 4 days so I'll write as I can locate a little slice of wi-fi.


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