Thursday, October 25, 2007

What is up with these Halloween stores?!!

Ok so the past couple days I've put pictures up and talked about things that Peanut and Sunshine were doing. Today I'm going to talk about Bug.
Yesterday I needed a little one on one time with Bug. He's been having some behavior problems at home but more at school. So clearly there's something going on here that he's not telling me. With our house being so chaotic and loud, there's not a whole lot of quiet time to sit and ponder the changing world and the fears we may be faced with. The only way I can ever drag any sort of information out of him is to take him out of the chaos and treat him to some one on one "Mommy time".

Now remember that he is after all a 6 year old boy just entering into the world of public schools. So he's suddenly out of our little protective bubble that we've sort of had him in. The boys he has made friends with at school are way into scary stories about mummies, ghosts, blood and guts. This fascination is normal for a boy his age, but like I said, he has been in a bubble with us. We don't really sit around and talk about this sort of thing. So it's like a whole new world has opened up. Not to mention it's the best time of year for it too. Halloween time. So when I asked him what he wanted to do for our special time of the list....The Halloween store!!!!

I usually steer clear of these types of stores, mainly out of damage control purposes. I don't want to be up half the night with kids having nightmares. Plus so much of it just seems so over the top unnecessary. Like why do people feel they need to recreate the entrance to Hell on their front lawn? Or have poles with severed heads sliding down them? When did this become acceptable holiday decorations? Not to go on a whole Andy Rooney rant, but what ever happened to good old fashioned jack-o-lanterns? What more do you really need? When did it become no big deal to make it look like you are conjuring Satan in the driveway? I mean really! I'm all for trick or treating, and cute costumes, but come on!!......But that's where he really wanted to go. So I braced myself and took him.

However I did bribe him first. I told him I would only take him if we could go and get his pictures done at the mall while we were there anyway. Plus, that he had to trust me and if he was looking like he was getting too scared, when I said "it was time to go", then it was time to go.

So we went and he touched everything and saw that it wasn't scary at all, just a bunch for things that looked gross made out of rubber and latex. I think I made it a bigger thing that he did. Sometimes he surprises me.

But we did get his pictures done. I can put them up here, but they have a watermark. Just so nobody can print them up for free. They need to make some money off me :)


Anonymous said...

This reminded me of your oldest cousin who had a real fear phase between 5 and 8 or so. We wrote, memorized and recited Psalms 34:4-7. THE ANGEL OF THE LORD ENCAMPS AROUND THOSE WHO LOVE HIM.
I bought one of those pictures that has the two little kids on the bridge (about ready to crack) and the big angel with her arms protectively around them. We put it up in her room.

Child developement wise children become aware of their own mortality (they too will die someday) between 6 & 8. Halloween could cause that. For Mel it was the death of a great aunt.

Know that I will include Noah in my prayers. Aunt D

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