Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Did you just eat a spider?

My 3 year old , Sunshine has this deep love of all creatures great and small. We have a hard time getting her to keep her hands off of some of God's creatures...like slugs, dead birds and spiders. She has a knack for finding the grossest things on planet Earth to squish around in her hands.

We have a giant hobo spider that has taken up residence in the front corner of the overhang on our front porch. One day Sunshine asked my husband if that spider had a name. He thought about it for a second and then decided that "Paul" was the perfect name for a spider. Well....that name stuck. Now all spiders ARE Paul. She doesn't quite "get" that there may be more than one spider in our area. In her mind...they are all the same one that lives on our porch.

So today at lunch, Sunshine and Peanut were eating their perfectly crafted PB&J, while I was checking some email, as my computer is in the dining room. She casually asks...

Sunshine-"Does Paul like Peanut butter?
Me-"Probably, who doesn't like peanut butter?"
Sunshine- "I think I'll share my sandwich with him"
Me-"Uh-huh....(not so much as listening, but more replying to an email)
Sunshine- "I think Paul got stuck in the jelly but he couldn't get loose"
Me- "Uh huh....(click,click,click)
Sunshine- "I'm done can I get down?"

At this time I realize that not a crumb is left on her plate. Then I recall the conversation that I was barely present for........eeeewwwwww!

I then proceed to call my husband and tell him about it. For a quick laugh.

His response....."Ok we need a bird, a cat a dog and a horse..."

I love his warped sense of humor!


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