Monday, October 22, 2007

The price of fame...

My husband stayed home today.

He is in a pseudo/punk band that had a practice last night. He's always very conscience about wearing ear plugs as we both have extensive hearing damage. Both he and I have seen countless rock shows when we were younger (long before kids even became a topic of conversation). Plus on top of that, I was a club kid, and he was in the Rave scene. It really is shocking how normal we both turned out :)

Anyhow, between the concerts, and the ear bleeding volumes that most techno can only be played at, we are both really hard of hearing. So whenever he's going to be somewhere that the music is going to be band practice, he'll wear earplugs to salvage what hearing he has left. But apparently the pair that he used last night, one of them wasn't in all the way, so he's got a really bad ear ache in one ear. Any loud noises really hurts as I can see him cringe with every screech that Peanut makes. Today was the day that all of our neighbors decided to mow their lawn, Bug thought it would be a great idea to chase Sunshine until she screamed.

Truth be known, we were all out to get him. That's how it had to look at least. If it still hurts tomorrow, I'm going to make him go see a doctor. We have way too loud a household to try and be quiet. We're just loud people. Take us or leave us :)

I'm ready to go slip into a hot bath and read a book.

Jax out...


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