Saturday, October 20, 2007

Perpetual motion.......

So I had my first Tupperware party last night. I sort of stumbled my way through it but made the best of it. I had 3 people come. Two of which were related to me. They helped me through and we made the most of it. My Mom was there and she prodded me through the sales speech. Which in my mind was the worst part.I seem to have a hard time thinking people don't know all the great things Tupperware is and does. It really is the greatest invention next to the slinky. I assume everyone has grown up with the obsession of Tupperware ingrained in their DNA as mine was. My mom sold Tupperware off and on while I was growing up. Then my Grandma (Dad's side) still sells it now. Has for years. So most holidays Tupperware was always on the wish list. My mom and I have joked for years about how she has spent most of her adult life building up this truly outstanding collection. All her bowls nest, and everything in her pantry has been modular mated. Everything has it's place. She's a tough act to follow, I'll tell you that. So anyway it's been the running joke with us that there's no inheritance money, but the Tupperware is all mine.

So anyhoo...the skinny of it is the party last night went well. A good time was had by all.

Then there was today......
I for some reason thought it would be a great idea to schedule a 9 am Tupperware party for my mother in law. It seemed like such a good idea.... which meant I had to get everybody (kids) up, dressed, fed and quieted down and watching something mellow so that my husband would be able to wake up early on a Saturday (his only day to sleep in) and watch them. Along with me showered, out the door and in my mother in law's living room setting up at 8:30. Did I mention this SEEMED like a good idea? Once I got about 3 pots of coffee in me, I kind of got into my groove. The party went well, although we were in the middle of an autumn wind storm and the power went out about 10 minutes before I was about to give my big sales speech. Thanks to my trusty father in law, we had plenty of Coleman lanterns available. So I gave a Tupperware party entirely by propane lantern :) There could be worse things I guess.

Then later this afternoon, my daughter , Sunshine was invited to one of her friend's birthday parties. We pained cookies, and played with balloons. We had a good time. I think I enjoyed it the most. I forget what it's like to be around other moms. I really miss it. I need to find something where I can get out of the house more. I'm starting to get a little isolated. I used to go to a morning bible study at my last church, but since we started going to a new one, I just haven't really gotten connected yet. Maybe I'll make a bigger effort. Tomorrows Sunday. I'll nose around and see what I can find as far as groups or something. If I can't find anything,...maybe I'll just need to start something. Maybe that's why God put us at this church. Who knows.
Ok long day...time to read a good book in a undersized bathtub.


heidi said...

I sent you pictures of the kids decorating the cookies. I can't tell if any of miss sunshine got in there. The one of them reading on the bed is the best!

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