Saturday, October 27, 2007

Today we paint......

Today is a day we have been dreading for as long time. We knew this day would come, we just had hoped it wouldn't come this soon. Three years ago we painted Bug's room in a really cool space theme. As you will note the pictures. We had to do a couple before pictures just to see all the work that went into this. It took 3 coats of really dark blue paint just to get the right shade for space. (Or what we think space would look like) The my husband painted freehand all the intricate characteristics of each of the planets in out solar system. For instance, Saturn has the correct colors that make up it's rings, Jupiter has an eye, etc. He even put in there theorized planet "X". It was behind the door. Then, we got some glow in the dark paint and made constellations all over the walls. Then as the final touch, glow in the dark star stickers. So when the lights go out, it's like a planetarium in there. We were very proud of ourselves. But about 6 months ago or so he started telling us he was a little scared of his room because it is just too dark in there. We had hoped it would pass, but it's just gotten worse. Then we started hearing about how kids surroundings and especially the colors of their walls can have a huge impact on their mood and behavior. It makes sense I guess. But all that work....

Well, so we made a plan, picked out some other colors and the day has come to change it up. Plus he shares a room with his brother Peanut, so maybe it will at least appear less cluttered with a lighter color in there. We'll see.

So far we have just done a couple coats of primer. This is going to be a big job getting this dark covered over.
The kids went over to Grandma and Grandpa's for the whole night, so the fumes don't sent Peanut's asthma into a tailspin. Plus we have a Halloween party for grown ups tonight so I may not get as far as I would like.

Of course if I really wanted this done, I could be doing more painting, and less typing but I just thought I'd take a little break :)


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