Sunday, February 15, 2009

That pesky (suddenly literate) Merlyn

So if any of you remember this post, you will remember that Merlyn is quite an amazing animal. Well it turns out that he is also learning to write his name. Or at least someone's name that is completely different than Sunshine. He has been going nuts around the house with his mad graffiti.

This is the bathtub.
This is the back of the loveseat.
Good times.
I am proud of this new skill, but really?

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Shanna said...

What a smart kitty you have there!! You could make millions.

Rhandi said...

Hmmm... I'm no graffiti expert, but part of that "tag" on the bathtub looks just a little bit like "Gracie". Interesting choice Merlyn, interesting choice....

Rhandi said...

PS: I TOTALLY forgot that today was the day you were going Twilight-ing!

Son-of-a-B****!!!! I woke up today wanting desperately to think of some fun & adventurous thing to do on such a gorgeous sun-shiny day, and never did think of anything more then just going for a stupid walk. And there you were, hunting sparkly-vampire locations. I am so pissed at myself! Aaaargh!

Now that you know where some of the spots are, can you & I make a day of it sometime??

Jax said...

Of course! It was totally easy to find and there were some awesome ones too. I am going to do a post all about it either tonight or tomorrow.

MacKender 4 said...

Boy...that kitty magical! Merlin is the perfect name! :)

Cgirl said...

Drew and I need to tell you about a little candy cane pen and our little girl. haha. Seriously it's funny.
Christin H

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