Friday, February 20, 2009

Miss Sunshine turns 5!!

So today is my baby's birthday. I always have a hard time with 5. It is just such a cute age, but again you are reminded that they are leaving baby and toddlerhood behind and are almost ready for school. I am having an especially hard time letting Sunshine grow up. I'll be ok. This is normal so I hear. I'm just having Mommy issues today. I'll pull it together in time for the party.
In the meantime, I was up half the night (weeping uncontrollably and drinking) putting together a slide show following her young life. So enjoy.

**Kleenex alert!! I seem to be good at tugging on hearts and turning all you sissy la-las into mush, so unless you don't mind falling apart at your desk at work, I suggest you tread lightly. Also, it is an 8 minute video. But stick it out to the end, because it is worth it.


Rhandi said...

Super cute video, and fun song choices. Sorry you were an emotional wreck last night while you were working on it, sweetie!! Happy Birthday to Little Miss Sassy-pants!!
PS: Saw your Twitter update and will need to see photos of the Kentucky Derby B-day hats ASAP! :)

mom said...

So great i cant wait to show Great-grandma. She will love that. how much fun it is to see 5 years of the princess. She is such a joy for all of our lives. You and Jason have the cutest kids. Each one so special. What blessings they are. Cant wait for the next 20 years, to see there kids. Had ya thought of that one. Now that will make ya cry.
As a mom you are the real blessing. Because you are the rock of my life and shinning ray of sunshine to me. Cant even think of life without ya....Hugs Mom

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