Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oh L'Amour!!

Broke my heart
Now I'm aching for you.
Oh L'Amour
whats a boy in love supposed to do?

Alright enough with the sing along. Although that is now guaranteed to be in your head for the rest of the day.
You can thank me later.

Anyhow, with the great and terrible day of the Valentine almost upon us, most red blooded "normal" girls get all swoony and require roses and chocolates. I am not one of those girls. It is in my mind just another day created for the sole purpose to sell something. Rockstar and I have never really made a big thing of it. Although he usually does make a passing remark to note the day.

My reason for living and love of my life is going way better than that this year. We are spending the Valentine weekend tearing up carpet and laying laminate flooring. When most girls would scoff and not see this as exciting, I jump up and down in rejoice. What a guy! What a stud!!

Home remodeling!!! A man after my own heart :)

Seeing as the flooring project pretty much taps us out, I am making his Valentine this year. So I know it is a couple days early, but better early than late.

So Happy Valentine's day!


Sandi B said...

To our Wonderful Daughter in law, thank you for sharing with us your Valentine gift to our son. Although we have to tell you, it was a most awesome gift to us as well . . we had tears of joy reliving the last 11 years of your life together.

We are so proud of you both. And hey, we have the double, oops triple joy of having the kids stay with us while you do your home remodeling.

Thank you again, looking forward to what the Lord has in mind for you (and us) in the years to come.

Love, Dad and Mom B

Cgirl said...

Jax that was adorable! I have no idea where all of our pictures are and putting all that together must have taken you a while. That was great! We don't get to see you all enough and that was a flash through. Way cool!

Shanna said...

I love all the pictures!! I am so bad about having pictures of me makes me sad to think of all the years missed out.

Shanna said...

Oh and by the way! Guess what I got for Valentines day?!?! A NEW bathroom floor!! Yippee!

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