Saturday, February 21, 2009

I could easily be a mad hatter

So Sunshine's birthday was yesterday, but her party is tomorrow. It just works out easier to do it over the weekend. Her theme this year is a foo foo tea party. We are doing dress up and having a girls only party. One of the things I really wanted to do was make some super foo foo over the top Kentucky derby-esq hats. (Because in my fantasy world, that's what would be worn at a ritzy tea party)

So we got some basic straw hats and embellishments and went to town. I was surprised at how easy they came together and how good I actually was at it. I very rarely toot my own horn, mostly because there are few things I can do above average, but I dare say I may have a career in haberdashery in my future.


MacKender 4 said...

WOW!! Those look great! Maybe you should start a little birthday party/tea party business. You could make little hats for the guests to take home. Great job! Looks like fun too!

Rhandi said...

So cute! I had a birthday party to go to today (Sunday) too. My nephew turned 14 on Saturday... sadly, there were no foo foo hats or tea involved at his little shin-dig.

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