Saturday, February 7, 2009

I plea the fif!!

Ok so I know only like 2 of you actually get the title of this blog, but don't worry, it will be explained. Because apparently if it were not for pop culture, we would have nothing to reference in the real world. But I need these for you to get an idea of what was going on in my head here.

So before I tell you this story of woe.....I want you to watch this and remember it for later use. This entire speech rings through my head when most things go south in this house.

So here's the story.

A couple days ago, Bug went out front to play. It was a nice day and he has been all full of stink, so outside is where he needed to be to get his wiggles out. Sunshine decided that she wanted to watch a movie in the front room. I begin to figure out what we are having for dinner and get it under way. Nothing unusual about it.
Before long, Sunshine starts giggling and talking to no body. I then realize that she is talking to Bug through the front window (Which is closed). In the past I have caught them playing this game. It usually ends up with Bug throwing a dirt ball or something at the house to make his sister jump. I have come down pretty hard on this game because I get tired of cleaning the dirt off of the side of the house. But he has not thrown anything at the house yet, so I keep with making dinner. My husband and I get to talking about something when Sunshine really gets to laughing. I figure it's just Bug being goofy on the other side of the window.
Then we hear it.......
Huge crash.
We run in there and what do we see? Our front window shattered to pieces.
Luckily it was a 2 paned glass and it only went through one of the panes. What was it you ask?
A rock.
Yeah, I know. Brain damage.
Somehow Bug thought it would be a hilarious game to throw rocks at the house to startle Sunshine. Turns out it worked!
His defense in all this was what cracked us up the most. It was one of those moment that all parents have where you know it would destroy your credibility to bust up laughing, so you hold it in and look away to not let your kids see you laugh while you are trying to punish them. But he just stood there and looked at us blankly.
Us- "Bug, how did this happen?"
Bug- silence
Us-"why were you throwing rocks in the first place?"
Us- "seriously dude, you could have really found a better game to play than this. This is a pretty big deal. It's going to cost a lot of money to fix this"
Bug-silence ( but looking like he just shot a puppy. It was all over his face what had happened and his obvious miscalculation of the situation)
Us- "why don't you go up to your room for a while and think about your story a little better"
Bug- silent, but goes up to his room.

At that point Rockstar and I could not hold it in any longer. We both giggle to ourselves as quietly as we could so the other kids couldn't see or hear us. Both of us were thinking the same thing.
"He pleads da fif!!"

I know it's a big deal, but it really was just a dumb mistake. Not a mistake that he didn't really do. He really did it and he owned up to it. He felt horrible about the whole thing. It's probably going to be an expensive mistake, but I know he didn't mean to break the window. I think it scared the tar right out of him when it all went down. In the end it is just another example of the great and wonderful brain damage that all kids have.


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