Monday, February 16, 2009

Twilight tour

So I know I haven't been talking about it as much, but I am in fact still completely obsessed with Twilight. The movie, the books, you name it. I have stopped being ashamed and have now embraced it. I know it's dumb. I know it's meant for teenagers. I'm over the shame.

So my friends Erin and Molly have come over to the dark side with me and have taken on a healthy addiction along with me. It's nice to know that I am not alone in my nerdyness.

So we were in luck as the movie was filmed right here in or around my hometown. So my friend Molly and I set out on a mission to find as many filming sites as we could. We spent the day yesterday driving all over the Willamette valley peeking in windows and trying to be nonchalant as we snapped pictures of obscure things.

So I give you now my Twilight tour and I will narrate what is what.

This is the main character, Bella's house.

This is me in front of Bella's house. Of course it isn't really Bella's house because Bella is a fictional character. But let me pretend. Apparently I am not the only freak show fan that has taken it a little too far....

Next stop on the tour is a bookstore that Bella visits in "Port Angeles".
This is the movie still of it.

This is my picture. It is really a law office or something.

Next, while Bella was in Port Angeles, she got herself into some trouble and got chased into a dark alley. Only to have Edward come and rescue her.

This is the alley used in the movie.

Not very scary in the light of day.

Ok next Bella visits a dress shop in Port Angeles.
This is really a salon, but it was made up as a dress shop.
This is the movie still.
If you could see past that truck, you would see the courthouse across the street as seen in the movie.

Like this picture here.

Ok, next, Bella and Edward had dinner at a restaurant called the Bloated toad. This is said restaurant although it is really an office building made up like a restaurant.

Next....we hop over to Washington. Kalama to be exact. The Kalama high school was the set for many scenes.

This is the movie still set up to look like "Forks" high school.

Then this is my picture. Not a lot of cinematic magic going on here. Although what could you really do?

And then there is the famous parking lot .

Here's where Edward was ( looking smoking hot) standing next to his car.

Ok then this is where Bella's truck was parked when the accident happened.

Exciting isn't it?

Ok..moving on.
Then we have the field behind the school that (in the movie) leads to the infamous meadow. This is the field that Edward follows Bella into the woods for the big confrontation scene.

Then we are moving on to the final scene of the movie when they go to Prom. The whole prom scene was held up at the View point inn up at crown point in the Gorge.

Then with the magic of movies and an awesome gazebo, here's what it looked like in the movie.

So there you have it. My awesome uuber geeky twilight tour. Hope you liked it. I had fun doing it.


Rhandi said...

Oh my gosh... so much fun!! :) I am so glad that you showed images from the movie along with your own photos! Yay! Being the Twilight-obsessed nerd that I am, I am jealous that you saw all these places without me... however, I think you & I should do this on our own sometime and focus our search on the locations near my sister's house in the Gorge. I think I know where their baseball field is, and there's also a few others near the river. Woo!
PS: That spot at the school, where Edward is standing next to his car looking so hot? I kinda wanna kiss the pavement right there. Is that weird??:)

Jax said...

I sort of hugged the wall a little. Molly thought I was a little insane. Which clearly I am not insane, just totally immature.

MacKender 4 said...

HOW FUN!! I would love to do something like that too! You're not crazy...I would totally have fun on a hunt like that too!

Cgirl said...

Jax did you know that I grew up in Forks? I lived there from 2 years old to 10 years old and we go back once a year. My brothers and sisters were born in Forks.
Christin Hinds

Shanna said...

I loved the pictures... I am a little disapointed you didn't stop a car with your bare hands and get a picture of that.
I am bummed I didn't get to meet you.. So close yet so far away.

stampvamp said...

hey, this is WAY MORE THAN COOL! Wish I could have been there! How lucky are YOU!!

rubylea said...

Thats very interesting. I grew up in a town close to forks on the Olympic P. I have not read the books yet but I can't wait to..

Cgirl said...

Hey Rubylea, what town did you grow up in?

Anonymous said...


I am not a teenager anymore, but I so envy you for the places you have seen and I am all grown up and I still look for a deep forest to hyde myself from the humans in all my moutains vacations. Of course I don't tell anyone my thoughts, and I think about myself that I am so stupid, but can't halped it. So I will allways be a Twilight obsessed nerd. Just hope that once in a lifetime I will get to see those places

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