Saturday, January 31, 2009

You sure about that?

So we have had this issue in our house for the past week or so. Every time Bug goes to brush his teeth he has been complaining about the toothpaste being gross. This is nothing new. Getting him to brush his teeth is like pulling teeth (har har) on a normal day. But his complaints got more and more desperate. Like "please don't make me brush my teeth!!!!" So I did some investigating. Went up and tasted the toothpaste myself. It is one of those kids toothpastes that has a base and an easy squeeze middle. When I squeezed the middle, bubbles blew out. It turns out, Sunshine has been doing herself a little science experiment of her own. She had been squirting hand soap into the tube. Just to see what would happen. What happened is she got herself into a heap of trouble. This all played out a week ago.

So time goes by. I buy another tube of toothpaste. All is right with the world once again and I am back to the battle of wills to get my kids to brush their teeth at least once a day. Then Bug comes down yesterday morning complaining about the taste again. "There is nothing wrong with it " I say. "I replaced it and so it should be fine." He squeezes the tube gently and sure enough, out comes more bubbles. I go find Sunshine and interrogate her. She bats her eyes innocently at me and claims no knowledge of the incident in question. I know better with her. She is getting to the age where she is testing her limits just to see how much she can get away with. Not this time sister!

So I ask her how the soap got in the toothpaste. She stairs blankly at me and says she doesn't know.
Me-"You have no idea how this happened?"
Sunshine-"I didn't do it."
Me- "Look me in the eyes and tell me what you know"
She then starts frantically looking all over the room, looking at me here and there.
Sunshine-" I don't know how it happened."
Me- "Ok, well I don't know if I believe you , and telling the truth is a big deal in this family, so why don't you go sit on the stairs and think about your story for a minute."
She sits on the stairs for a long time. Almost a half an hour. Finally she says "Ok I am ready to tell you what happened."
Me- "ok lets hear it."
Sunshine- "Well I woke up this morning and heard something in the bathroom. It sounded like someone was playing in the water, so I went in to see what was going on. That's when I saw Merlyn putting soap in the toothpaste."
Sunshine-"yes! that's who has been doing all of this. Totally NOT ME!"
Me-"Merlyn has been doing this the whole time?"
Sunshine- "Yes"
At this point she is grinning at herself and almost giddy that she came up with such a great story and that I bought it.
Thing is, .....I didn't really buy it.
Why you ask.....
Because this is Merlyn.

He couldn't have done it because he DOES NOT HAVE THUMBS!!!!!!

She managed to spin herself a mighty web of lies, but I gotta give her credit, she put alot of thought into it :) She won herself some pretty awesome punishment, and I think she'll think next time before blaming the cat for something that requires some serious motor skills.
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j said...

Well, Merlyn is kind of old and senile.

It wouldn't surprise me if he pulled something like that.

I've seen merlyn out on the interstate wearing only his hospital gown and slippers looking for the local pharmacist.

Mees said...

ok - that is hilarious...however, i have to admit that when you told about her saying merlyn did it - i thought she was referring to grandpa - so glad you cleared that up!

Rhandi said...

I am beginning to fully understand what you were saying about this adorable little girl being the death of you. She is quite a cutie, and that story is hilarious, but boy is she crafty!!!

MacKender 4 said...

Thanks for the laugh! I just know the cat did could you blame your little sweetheart?

Anonymous said...

That is too funny! Way to go Sunshine for your imagination. Hopefully she learned that mothers are smart. Or, she could learn that she needs to come up with a better story. Hmmm.

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