Saturday, October 4, 2008

I never thought this day would come....

So with some cooler weather and the start of school, we had the first illness creep it's way through our house. First it was Sunshine, then Bug started to get it. Then last but always the worst, Peanut got it. Poor little Peanut with his asthmatic lungs just can't handle the common cold very well without it really bothering him. So tonight we had to drag out the old nebulizer that has been dormant for most of the summer. We were sort of dreading it because the last couple of times we used it, he really fought us on it. He didn't want to sit in our lap and take the medicine. He got so worked up that the event of a treatment was almost as bad as the actual asthma attack.

So when we heard him wheezing this afternoon, we started to get that little bit of panic of what we should do. We knew that we needed to give him his treatment, but that it probably wouldn't be pleasant. So we got all situated and both Rockstar and I in place to fight the good fight and hold him down kicking and screaming if we had to.

We fired up the nebulizer and he just grabbed it and decided he was fine with the whole idea of it, as long as he got to do it himself. So he sat there and held his own nebulizer just like a big kid. We also had a spare mask for his bear "Boo Boo". That helped and kept him occupied. I don't know why I didn't think of the "I do it myself" idea sooner.


Funny thing is, he knew exactly what to do. We have done these treatments hundreds of times before (sadly, that really isn't an exaggerated number) so aside from doing his own dosing, he just hopped right up there and breathed deeply for a 10 minute treatment.

I guess I never really saw an end in sight of not having to sit down and help him with these. It never occurred to me that the day would come when he no longer needed my assistance.

Ok I am now going to go and cry on my big pillow.


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Sandi said...

I see it helps to give BooBoo a treatment at the same time. This grandma's heart melted at the sight of him and his little 'duckie' face. It's still our prayer that he will grow out of this.

You guys are doing a great job, hang in there.

meetmeinmelange said...

Sounds familiar! Poor guy. 3D Master was tested for food allergies at age one when he had had a ton of ear infections and many treatments with our nebulizer. Has Peanut ever been tested. 3D was allergic to eggs and milk. He is nine now and totally outgrown the whole reactive airways disease thing. Hope the same for Peanut!

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