Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Great Dentist experience

So today Sunshine got her first dentist experience. She handled it awesomely.(is that a word? It is now)
She marched right in there, did her X rays and even let them floss and use the turbo scrubber on her.

It's funny though, one of the things I have always hated about the dentist, not the drilling or the shots that never seem to numb anything, but the glaring light they shine 4 inches in front of your face. My eyes are really light sensitive (which explains why you can hardly ever get a picture of me without my sunglasses on. It's not that I think I am cool or anything, it's just that it is painful to be outside without some super strong protection on my eyes) But with the kids dentist, they have an awesome solution. They get to pick out silly sunglasses to wear while they get worked on. Brilliant!!

Sunshine picked out rainbow ones. So she kicked back in the nice lounge chair they have with her shades on and let them get into her mouth and work.

What a trooper!

What is funny is for a brief moment while they were flossing her teeth a I had a small panic that they might find bits of toilet paper in there (see earlier post). But luckily that didn't happen.


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