Sunday, October 12, 2008

Roloff farm

So as I may have mentioned before, we can't seem to get enough of TLC, The Discovery channel and A&E. We're just nerdy like that. We are all about the mythbusters,the how it's made, John and Kate plus eight, Dog the bounty hunter and of course, Little people big world. If you haven't seen this show before you really should because it is awesome and I need someone to share in my own personal addiction.

Well Little people big world follows a family of little people through their day to day lives. But they live here in the Portland area and have their family pumpkin farm. So with fall upon us, we thought we would go out there and get our pumpkins this year.

They have a really cool 20 acre farm with all kinds of cool stuff that they have built on the property such as a tribeuche (sort of like a catapult), a western town, a pirate ship and a castle.

I even got to meet and get my picture taken with Pop and Honey. (Matt Roloff's parents)They were really nice.

It was a great day. We took a tractor tour of the farm and then picked out our pumpkins. We had a lot of fun. My only complaint is that they did not sell REAL apple cider. All they had was packet stuff. No cider? DENIED!!


Rhandi said...

Hey Jax! Love that baby blue cute you have on in the photos. So pretty! Also love the pictures of the kids. I especially like the one of Little Miss Sunshine holding her pumpkin, with all that blue sky and the white fence in the background. Awesome photo.

I also love TLC! I've watched "Little People Big World" a few times. Did you know that Emily M.'s older brother Brian from high school was in the opening credit scenes on the first season? Anyway... I have watched the show a few times, but haven't been very into it since my friend Natalie told me that she ran into Matt Roloff and he was a total jerk to her when she asked about the farm.

Anyway, I'm more of a Jon & Kate Plus 8 girl. I frickin' LOVE that show!!!

Kristin Coppee said...

Oh, I love all of those shows. Gotta' love Dog, the Bounty Hunter. That shows cracks me up - pure entertainment. And I used to watch Little People Big World all the time. How cool that you got to go to their farm. I didn't realize they had one.

Lori Elliott said...

I LOVE JON AND KATE PLUS 8!!! Anyway, TLC is my fav channel.

Tom loves Dog! He was in a funk when it wasn't on because of Dog's own legal woes--needless to say, he is one happy camper now!!

Now, about Little People Big World.....It's no longer about how they, as little people,do life in a world made for taller people and has become a sort of show-off show; they seem to be very, very materialistic.

Tom calls the show, "Little People, Big Jerks," because of some rude and snobby and jerkish encounters he has had and heard others have had with Matt Roloff. Tom does a lot of legal work in Washington County and when Roloff was having his legal problems...oh how the clerks and other lawyers talked about how much of jerk Roloff was....I also have a friend whose kids go to school at Faith Bible with the Roloff kids and they know the family.....probably shouldn't say much....I think the show is more scripted than the viewers realize and may not be as authentic as we would like to think it is....ANYWAY.....

Your pictures of the kids with their pumpkins are simply adorable! I remember when my kids were small like that--the trip to the pumpkin patch was so exciting--I miss those days! Soak it up; this will be gone in a blink (it's a happy/sad thing).

Love you guys--hugs to the kids!
Lori E

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