Thursday, October 9, 2008

Deep thoughts by Jaxon

Ok so I know my life is a seemingly endless supply of random events and thought. I am one of those freak deep thinkers that can ponder the dumbest things at any given time. It drives my husband nuts. It never fails. He will be trying to fall asleep when I come up with some stupid thing that has been plaguing me. Like should people who are deaf and use sign language be able to play charades? It just seems like they would have an unfair advantage. Or what is the exact make up of a peach pit? It feels like wood. Is it? Or what is it that allows cats to be able to purr? They have almost identical organs as dogs, but dogs can't purr. What is that about?


There may be something wrong with me.

I can't seem to help myself. On top of that I can't seem to keep these thoughts to myself. Thank goodness for the internet or I would be a mess :) I actually have a notebook that I started when I was in middle school of questions I plan on asking God when I get to Heaven. It turns out my parents grew tired of answering my stupid questions too.

Well in the true spirit of my natural curiosity, it should come as no surprise that I love to people watch.It is seriously one of my weirdest pastimes. When I was a kid I spent hours in airports by myself just watching people come and go, say good-byes and reunite. It was a weird little window into people's lives. I would see couples run to each other with flowers and embrace and I would see mothers put their kids on an airplane and cry as the plane pulled away from the gate. People do all sorts of weird things when they think nobody is watching. I to this day have a bizarre love of airports because of my strange childhood in an airport. The smell of recycled air is really comforting.

My fascination with people has brought me back to the mall. I spent my late teens and the better part of my twenties working in a mall. So it should surprise no one that I am back again mainly for the sociology study. I am working at a Tupperware kiosk. I don't get paid a dime, but I do get sales credit for everything I sell there. So in short, on a good night I might make $20. I won't see that money for at least a month, maybe longer. I however am not there for the money by any means. I am there because I can work at night when the kids are in bed, and I get uninterrupted time to gawk at all the weirdos that walk the mall. Also, I have the chance to read a book that doesn't have pictures. And I get to talk to new people.

I started working there about 9 months ago and I immediately started bringing a notebook to jot down all the observation about the people I saw.I wanted to remember all the stories so that I could share them with my husband when I got home. I thought I would start sharing them with all 4 of you that read my blog.

1.)*Parents carrying a (what looks to be)4 year old twins through the mall. Note-they also still have binkies.

Ok look, I had kids that did the binkie thing. I know it is hard to break the habit, but they are too old to be walking around in public with a binkie in. At least keep it hidden as the dark "mommy secret" that it can be. Now as for carrying two four year old kids through the mall....those kids are playing you. They can walk on their own. Quit trying to keep them babies and just let them grow up to be kids. Not eternal babies.

2.)*I am really glad I am no longer a teenager. Both boys and girls do really obnoxious things to get each others attention.

I felt like Jane Goodall observing the mating/courting rituals of the North American teenager.

3.)*Why do women insist on wearing white pumps after Labor day?!!

Ok I don't mean to go all serial mom here, but ladies, c'mon!! Style has not changed!! It's tacky. Your mother would be ashamed because you KNOW she taught you better.

4.)* Emo style is throwing off my Gay-dar.

For those of you who don't know what Emo is, it is sort of that punk inspired fashion that all the kids are sporting. The boys and girls are beginning to get harder to tell apart. Look, I am all for changing fashion, I'm not so old that I don't remember what it was like to rebel with what you wear just to get your parents goat. But seriously guys, I have some pretty fine tuned gay-dar. I can usually tell what side you bread is buttered within the first couple of glances. It's a gift. But it throws me off when I see the boys with the crazy "pretty hair" and the eye make-up. It's like a cell phone in an airplane. My navigation devices get all nutty.

I do have much, much more, but I think I will save it for another post. I could go on and on. People are weird. But interesting.


j said...

For the 98% that don't the get the "Serial Mom" reference, it's a movie.

Rhandi said...

I feel lucky to not only be one of the "4" that reads your blog, to also call you a friend in real life. You are SO rad. I agree that the emo trend can throw off our detection devices, and for the record, I got the "Serial Mom" reference.
On another note: When are we getting together? Kurtis & I miss you.

Kristin Coppee said...

Oh, now THAT is pure entertainment. I really enjoyed reading this blog post. I've said it before and I'll say it again - you and I are long lost sisters. I have finally "come out" with my people watching obsession. I'm no longer ashamed of it. However, it is comforting to know that I'm not alone in this. One of my favorite pastimes is riding in the car at night and being a passenger, so I can look through people's open, lit windows at night and get a glance at how they live.

So, you have some ghost stories? I'd love to hear 'em. Maybe you should do some Halloween story postings. I LOVE scary stories. And yes, somehow I am drawn to the paranormal. My husband is actually jealous. Can you believe that? Jealous that I have freaky experiences? That I feel and hear and see things? CRAZY! I wish I could trade him powers. I hate it.

HANAN said...

Very funny stuff. I have loved walking the dog in the evening and looking through people's windows as well as kristin coppee...but I've never admitted it until now. One time however, I was having a pity party walking the dog on Thanksgiving evening...just at dusk, Joe was installing flooring in the house and I wasn't up to the job and needed to stay out of the way. I looked upon several Norman Rockwell scenes: formal living room, full of multiple generations, turkey on a platter. It was like I was in a depressing movie! I was happy for them, but depressed for me.

Keep on writing...I am such a cultural outsider, I learn so much pop culture when I read your blog.

Hazlyn said...

Love to read your blogs....How ever you make it sound like you were raised by a bag lady that lived at the airport. That was not the case.
We live at the train depot.....LOL
You are strange but thats why I love ya. Keep writing. Cant wait til you get to the story about the forks across the street.

Lori Elliott said...


I just love your Blog! Seriously, you and Jason should consider doing a reality show for TLC and call it, "The Jaxon Five." You would have to be the writer, though, you and Jason because you both are awesome at it!

Lori E

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