Thursday, October 9, 2008

Making cookies with Sunshine

So it has been rainy and crummy all afternoon and really cold all of a sudden. It felt like a good cookie making day. Sunshine has been under my feet most of the day trying to "help me". So I decided I would let her help me make up some cookies. I had a mean craving for some peanut butter cookies, so that is what we made.

She pulled out her little Tupperware bake set (shameless I know) and made a batch all by herself.


I helped her with the mixer only because it has 2 speeds. Warp speed and Mach 5. It is a nice mixer, but it would tear a finger off if given the chance.Although she didn't seem to mind not being able to use it so long as she got to lick the beaters.


She couldn't handle just putting them in and walking away. She proudly watched her batch and see her little criss cross cookies cook.

Then just when watching the cookies bake in the oven got boring, she took on the thrilling job of making sure the timer was working. Turns out it is.

Nothing too thrilling, just a little slice of my life today.
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