Sunday, October 12, 2008

Great gosh O' mighty!!

Ok in our experience when it rains it pours. That is if a day starts going south, everything else goes down with the ship.

Rockstar husband had a friend of his that does MMA (which is sort of like boxing, mixed with wrestling) and he had a big fight yesterday. I knew about it and so he was going to be gone most of the day. Big deal, I am alone most of the time with the kids anyway, so it was no big deal. Of course we had no idea what kind of day it would unfold to be.

It started out with me canning up the last of the pears that I picked from my in law's tree in their backyard. They were perfectly ripe and so the day had come to get them in jars before they went over ripe. So I spent the morning skinning and cleaning them up. I set my canning kettle on to boil. It is a gigantic pot that takes about 45 minutes to bring it to a boil. I turned it on and sort of forget about it. I went out to the garage to see if I had any more wide mouthed jars. Next thing I know there is pandemonium in the kitchen. It turns out there was a piece of paper or something that had fallen into the burner and had now not only caught fire, but set off the smoke alarm filling the house with smoke. I come running in with the kids jumping around and freaking out and the smoke alarm screaming at me. There were flames shooting from the burner. I blew them out and now we just had a house full of smoke. We opened all of the windows and it cleared out. No harm done.Although it left a giant black burned ring on my stove top. Fantastic.

So then I moved on to my next project. While the pears were going through their heat process, I thought I would try to get some Ebay done.Peanut slept through the whole smoke alarm fiasco so I wanted to get a couple more things done while I had this window of opportunity. I was just getting into a groove when I hear Sunshine in hysterics running toward me with her pants around her ankles. It turns out she managed to overflow the toilet and water was cascading all over the bathroom. It took 6 giant beach towels to clean up the mess.Also 4 rolls of toilet paper (that were in a basket on the floor) were sacrificed in this process. Just as I was cleaning up this mess, my canning kettle started to boil over once again setting off the smoke alarm. It was like a comedy of errors.

Then it started getting late in the afternoon so I started to get dinner underway. I made up some penne pasta with homemade sauce. I threw in some basil that I had grown and a whole multitude of spices. My kids naturally turned up their noses and would only eat it if there was parm on top. At this point I was tired of fighting, so I just threw some parm on it to get it down their gullet. I sat them down to eat and everyone was doing fine, so I thought I would go out and get the mail while everyone was mellow. I couldn't have been outside for more than 3 minutes when I come inside and it was like the bad news bears were running wild through my family room. There was penne noodles stuck on the walls. There was sauce on the TV screen. (Yes we were eating in front of the TV, just save your hate mail, I don't want to hear it)Peanut was rubbing his hair with a parm,red sauce mixture. It was like something out of a movie. Needless to say, Libby (the dog) was having a hay day with all of the food flying about. The second I walked into the room everyone froze. Fists full of food waiting to be hurled.

I would love to say that I handled myself in a calm and mature way,not loosing my cool. But if you know me, well, that is not how it went down. Tears were shed and a reluctant cleaning crew was constructed.

Once the clean up was done, Sunshine and Bug went upstairs to play. I could hear them over the monitors getting rowdy and I called up a couple times to settle down, but somehow my voice always seems to fall on deaf ears. Within minutes I hear a crash and Bug comes flying down the stairs in a panic fever screaming "I didn't do anything!! Don't listen to her!!" Then I see Sunshine stagger down the stairs sobbing and bleeding from her face somewhere. It turns out she split her lip because Bug threw a toy at her.It took almost 15 minutes to get her to settle down just to pull that bit of information out of her.

Just as I was cleaning her up and trying to get her to calm down, Rockstar walks in the door.

Chaos a flyin.

"Wow, what did I miss?" He says.

"Well ....lets see, we lit the kitchen on fire, flooded the bathroom ,had a fierce food fight and now Sunshine is now bleeding out the mouth. Ehh, not much."


Sarah said...

OMGoodness!!!! This all happened today??? Wow...

Life with small children... Glad to be done with that!!

Kristin Coppee said...

DANG! That's all I have to say. That's definitely topping my worst day so far and you know what? I'll let you outdo me. It's ok.

So, in case you don't see it, I answered your comment- we are truly long lost sisters. And I'm excited about our lust for Colin. It's a good starting point in our sisterly bond. LOL.

Rhandi said...

Oh Jax!! Wow... that was quite a day you all had. I am sending you a supportive hug. Wanna leave Rockstar home with the kids one night & go see a movie? :o)

listeasy said...
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