Friday, October 17, 2008


So I got these little Hershey kiss type candies that aren't so much chocolate, but pumpkin spice flavor. They are delightful and I highly recommend them. But I had this great thought to make up some shortbread cookies and put them in the center. In my head they sounded delicious.

So I found a good shortbread recipe and off I went to create the greatest cookie that was ever made. Little did I really think this through because I made them, baked them and it was not until I pulled the pan out of the oven that I cracked myself up and realized that I had just made a pan of nipple cookies.

Clearly I didn't really think it though or recognize it's likeness until I pulled them out of the oven. But I had myself a little laugh and then sent my husband a picture with no story attached to it. Just the picture. His first response was...what the heck are you doing?!! I then explained what I had done and we had a giggle about it.

If you are wondering, they were really good too. To eat I mean.


Rhandi said...

They sound delicious... and dirty. :)

Lori Elliott said...

I can't handle it! You are too funny! If you don't want them to look like boobies next time, I would just but the nipple...I mean the candy kiss, on the cookie right out of the oven...just gently push them into the cookie, that's what I do.

Again, I think you and Jason should have your own reality show for TLC!! You both could write the greatest episodes!! Your Blog makes me laugh and helps to remind me to laugh at daily life (cry for a while if you must but don't linger there) and not to take myself so seriously and look and listen for the great things kids say and do and when they don't do such great things---be patient with them---anyway, your Blog does me good!

Lori E

Kristin Coppee said...

I'll eat nipple cookies if they taste like pumpkin spice and shortbread. Yummy!

Who liknks to me? Ask me how....just kidding. Just click here.