Friday, September 12, 2008

The wonders of the Wii fit

So we have a new past time here at the Jaxon household. We have been blinded by the wonders of the Wii fit. If you have never played with one of these I invite you to come over (if you actually know me, if not that may be awkward) and give it a whirl.

For those of you that don't know what this wondrous devise is a board that you stand on that connects to the game system that has sensors to see where you distribute your weight and where your center of balance is. Essentially it is a game that makes you get off the couch and exercise....and it knows if you are really doing it or not. Not only that, but it corrects you and lets you know if you are standing with proper posture while doing it. It really is cool. Plus it tracks how long you play and tells you if you have gotten a REAL workout or not. It also tracks your weight and BMI (body mass index) progress as you play. It is really cool. It gets the whole family off the couch. We are all fighting for a turn.

Only problem I have with it thus takes your weight, height, age and how you distribute your weight and calculates what your "body age" is. Now this is not your actual age, it is just how old it perceives you to be according to the variables. My husband hopped on and his calculates to be 29. Considering he's 30, thats pretty dead on. Mine however....wait for it.....51. ??????!!!!!!WHAT!!!! Ok I am 33!!! Already we are off on a bad foot. When you play most wii games it assigns you a little person that looks like you called a mii. (cute huh?) Well I had my cute little mii that really did look like me. (Or what I would like to look know if I were a cartoon character) She was a cute little mini me. Well once you tally up your weight and BMI it changes your mii accordingly. So now I have a pudgy mii. .....Thanks, I was hoping I would get a kick in the teeth and scrutinized about my weight by a computer. I just don't get enough of that in my own head :) Plus it gives you handy reminder notes like "why don't you put down that bowl of Doritos, get off the couch and get moving fatty?" Awesome. Thanks.

But despite the games tough love approach with me, I do enjoy playing it. My personal favorites are Yoga and there is an awesome hula hoop game. I am a former hula hooping champ. Something you may not have known about me. It seems that Sunshine is following close in my footsteps.

The kids love the Yoga too. They did pretty well considering it is really slow and mellow. As yoga should be.

Peanut tried to play along and when the yoga instructor said to touch you toes, he did just that. It was too hard to do it standing up, so he laid on his back to do it :) He followed directions.


j said...

Don't feel bad about your Wii age.

Noah and Gracie are both in their 20's.

They also didn't have balance down. Their BMI was 'good', but their balance was bad, so it made their Wii age older.

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