Monday, September 15, 2008

Sunshine's first day of school!!

At long last Sunshine finally started school. She has been soooo excited about starting school and had a hard time watching Bug start 2 weeks ago but not go herself. She is going to a Preschool in a church up the street so it is an easy loop to drop both of them off in the morning. She is only half days , three days a week, but it is a big step for her.

Also she is totally pumped to be in the same class as her best friend from her Awana class. I found out which school she was going to and requested to be in the same class. Clever, no? They spotted each other from across the parking lot and ran toward each other. I think they had their arms around each other for the rest of the day. It was pretty cute.

She had a great day playing and painting. She even wrote out her name. (Just like Bug she informed me) As soon as she got in the car she said "I want to go to this big girl school everyday"

I told her she's in luck.


Sandi said...

So, is that the happiest smile you've ever seen on a little girl, or what??

It made grandma cry happy tears, and sad ones - she is growing so fast.

Thanks for sharing her first school day with us.

Rhandi said...

Yay for first days of school! Her outfit is so adorable and she looks so excited!

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