Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wii are back in business!!....Get it?

Ok despite my love/hate relationship with our Wii, really I do love more than hate. Even though it tells me I am fat and gives me a grossly inaccurate age, I still sort of like the little guy. What can I say, I am a glutton for punishment.I have a bit of an abuse seeking personality. I can tell the Wii really likes me, it just doesn't know how to show it.

Well so we got the Wii fit a couple weeks ago. We loved it we hated it, it told us what we needed to hear. I like to call it tough love. We got exactly 2 days out of it when suddenly it wouldn't take disks. It was like there was something jammed in where the disc goes that was blocking the way. My husband fiddled and tinkered and tried to figure what was going on, but in short he would have to take it apart to really find out what was going on. Problem with this is...Nintendo is really sneeky about using special tools when they assemble their products. So you can't just take a screw driver to it an open it up. You have to take it to a special Nintendo repair company. Which is very expensive for a seemingly simple project.

But luckily my husband knows to hit up a few nerd forums on the interwebs to ask for advise. He found a company that sold the special tool needed, so we ordered it. After 2 weeks of anxiously waiting for it to arrive from Hong Kong (yeah really) it finally arrived.

He took it apart last night and found the culprit.

That's right a dumb plastic spoon from a play kitchen set.

Wonder how that got there?


Mari said...

My guess was:


In the Family Room

With a plastic hamburger patty

I lose.

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