Monday, July 28, 2008

Don't call me hip hop, I prefer gimp dog

So in a way that only I can do, I am all gimped up. Don't believe me? Check it out...

Heres the deal. Last Thursday Rockstar and I took a break from the mountains of Ebay stuff that is collected in our living room. We went out and saw a movie. (The new Batman movie. It is awesome and I do recommend it) As we were walking to the theater from the parking garage, I stepped off of a step all "catty wompus" ( I know that is not a real word and my spell check is giving me a dirty look, but there is no other way to describe it). My ankle took a header and twisted in a way that my ankle bone touched the concrete. Yeah oooww. It (my ankle) let out a big pop and I went down hard. I tried to man up and walk it off. But no go.

I sort of hip hopped my way to the theater because I don't get movie night very often and there is no way I am spending my date night out in the emergency room. I made it through the movie but when it was over and I actually had to get up and walk out, I realized that I had just given it 2 hours to swell to the size of my calf.

Yea!! At long last I have always wanted Cankles!!! Oh wait, no, I have never wanted those.

Well we got home and I slept on it hoping that maybe in the morning it might not be so grim. HAAAA! Not so much the outcome I was hoping for.

So I went in and saw the doctor. Well, 2 hours and 4 X rays later, it turns out that I fractured my ankle bone. I got a splint thing to keep it immobile but that is about all they could do. Fractures just need to heal on their own. Wow....really??? No good drugs or anything?

The really crummy part is that I have to keep off of my feet for the better part of a week or so. Until the swelling stops. Are you kidding me? Yeah, that is not going to happen. May I remind you that I stay at home with 3 small kids just waiting for the right moment to take over and pummel each other Lord of the flies style?

Luckily all of this unfolded on a Friday so Rockstar could work from home and keep the beasts in check while I sat on my tookus listing posts on Ebay. In fact that is about how my whole weekend played out. It was this afternoon that it occurred to me that I haven't even left the house in 3 days. Good times.

So luckily, Ebay work is a non contact sport that can be done on the comfort of our sofa. Although I think I have about had as much of this as I can handle. I really can't imagine this in another week. It could be ugly.

I'll keep you posted.


j said...

Why so serious?

Nathasha said...


Your blog looks adorable. Have you tried joining it is a social network for moms and I think you would find a great audience appeal there.

I have my own magazine online and I thought you might want to read this:

Anonymous said...

I also once stepped off of something (in my case, a curb) all "catty wompus" and had my ankle turn & kiss the pavement. Not good. I was walking to the bus stop at the time... and then had to limp my way home & up three flights of stairs. By the time I was able to get someone to take me for an x-ray, my ankle was swollen beyond recognition and parts of my foot had turned completely black & blue. Not good. They told me it was a sprain, but I've always been convinced that it was a fracture. I hope the swelling goes down & the pain stop soon. Sending you hugs!
PS: You are so bad ass, dealing with the pain through the entire movie! =I'd have been crying the entire time... but that's just me.

Rhandi said...

That last comment was from me by the way... didn't mean to leave it as "anonymous".

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