Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Last day in Paradise

Sigh ....all great things must come to an end. This is our last day in Hawaii. We checked out of our hotel at 11 in the morning , but didn't fly out until 11 at night. So in short we had a lot of time to kill. We spent a couple hours body surfing here at Sunset beach on North shore. It was really hard to get out of the water knowing it was the last time for a long time that we would be able to do this. But we had been in the water for a couple hours and were beginning to feel a little over exposed to the sun. So we had to get out.

But before we said our good byes to North shore we had to snap just a few more pictures for prosperity. Please excuse my brillo-esq hair. It turns out my hair didn't do well with a combination of salt water and high humidity. I grew a little too comfortable to the rubber band method of hair care. I am not really ready to go home and face the cruel nature of blow dryers and flat irons again.
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