Thursday, July 31, 2008

Curse you Discovery channel!!!

So you would think that I would have learned my lesson last year. Or maybe the year before that.


I just stumble over the same mistake every year. You forget simple truths when you have kids.

You shouldn't eat Dorritos for dinner.

You can't just run to 7-11 when the need for nasty nachos strikes without taking them with you.

You can't make dinner in the nude

You can't leave the bong on the coffee table anymore

And under no circumstances can you let them watch discovery channel in the last week of July.

Not that i need to remind you, but we are a pretty nerdy family, so the discovery channel, TLC and the history channel flow freely through this house. For the most part it is always a safe bet as far as programming.

Except for .....SHARK WEEK!!......DUN...DUN...DUNNNNNNNN!!!!

Yeah bedtime took on a whole new meaning tonight.

Sunshine was terrified that this was going to come out of the toilet.


Thank you shark week.


Rhan said...

"You can't leave the bong on the coffee table anymore" HAaaaaaaaa hahahahaaaa

That's hilarious.

Sorry that Sunshine was scared of Jaws coming out of the toilet... can't say that I blame her. Shark Week is pretty spooky. But I love it. Look forward to it every year, like the dork wad that I am. I'm obsessed with sharks...

Jax said...

Sorry let me shouldn't
leave the bong on the coffee table.

j said...

Maybe tomorrow we'll watch the last 10 minutes of "Fast Food Nation" and teach them where hamburgers come from.

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