Thursday, July 3, 2008

Back to life...back to reality.

We got home yesterday morning. We took an overnight flight (which meant we missed a night sleeping) and then went straight back to the madness of our life.

We picked up the kids and had our big joyous reunion. As nice as it was to be child free for a week, I missed them like crazy. Every time we would see kids playing on the beach with us I would think about how much my own kids would have had if we brought them. It was sort of bitter sweet.

But we spent the better part of the day yesterday in a sleep deprived fog.

But one of the things I did do was take the underwater cameras in to be developed. The pictures turned out really cool. Of course the pictures don't quite do justice to just how cool snorkeling really is, but it captures the moment sufficiently.

So because there were just so dang many of these, I did a slide show of the greatest hits of Hawaii snorkeling.



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