Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Eyeball deep in Ebay

So many of you may be wondering why I haven't been on top of posting regularly. This in a nut shell is why. I am literally eyeball deep in Ebay. I am helping out a friend that had the task of selling off all (literally) of some one's possessions. It's a long story. But the quick version of it is like this.

Girl from Columbia.
Girl married an American and moves to the states.
Girl gets divorced.
Girl visits Colombia for vacation.
Girl does not want to come back to the US.
Girl really doesn't want any of her stuff here.

Enter my friend Bobby. He likes to help people out. A lot. So he volunteered to sell off her stuff and just send her a check for what it was all worth. He sells a lot of it in a garage sale and on Craigslist. But there is still a lot of left overs.

Enter me. I sell on Ebay and have quite a little system. So I'll sell what I can and Goodwill the rest.

There is a lot of stuff.

This is my living room. It was empty 4 days ago. This is someone else's closet. Clothes, shoes, handbags. You name it. Unfortunately none of it was in my size :)

So if I seem a little busy, this is probably what I am at home doing. It is very time consuming.

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Fly to Jesus said...

What's your seller ID so I can look you up...maybe put in some bids.

Jax said...

My seller ID is Jaquiseller and I have a widgit on the right side of the blog that you can just click on to get to all of my auctions.

Cool every little bit helps! If nothing else help get it out of my living room :)

Rhan said...

I looked at some of the items onyour Ebay widget and wow... some of those shoes are FUGLY. No wonder the girl ran back to her home country & didn't return. I'd go into hiding too if I'd worn those boots.
I bet (seriously) that they'll sell for some ridiculously high price too. I love that. Wishing you luck on your auctions. I'd tell you to break a leg, but you kinda already almost did. :)
Love ya!

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