Thursday, January 22, 2009

At long last

So I know my last post was a sad excuse, but like I said I have been busy. So without further delay I give you my photo diary of what we did this weekend. Which as you can see it was a whole lot of beach combing. But to us, that is really relaxing. It was a great weekend.

My in laws rented out a big beach house on the coast. My sister , mother, and father in law plus my family all fit nicely. We split up the meals and just enjoyed each others company. We had phenomenal weather. It was clear as a bell and in the 60's. Sometimes we don't get that lucky in the middle of summer. So for January it was really rare. We spent most of the time on the beach in just light jackets or t shirts.
This is something we look foreword to every year and once again we had a great time.

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mom said...

Great job on this one. Great pictures and really good music. You are getting so good at this. Im seeing a new business in your future.
It looks like you had so much fun. Love the picture of you and Peanut. He looks like such a little man.
Well done!!!!

Kristin Coppee said...

Gorgeous! Those pictures are amazing. I really liked the music too. It was a nice escape for me. Felt like I was there.

Grandpa Jerry said...

Good job. Your slide show made me wish I was there. Well thought out and well done.

Sandi B said...

Your pictures made me so VERY glad that I was there. Great job.

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