Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sorry but I got tagged....

A friend of mine tagged me so I have to do this survey. It's like the bloggy law. So if you have no interest in learning mundane aspects of my life, I suggest you close this up now. If you don't know enough useless facts about me, well then here you go. This is the post for you.

I am : A wife, a mother, a boo-boo healer, a chef, a taxi driver, a blower of sunshine, an accountant, an over spender, a jock, a princess, a brain, a basket case......(obscure reference)

I think : Therefor I am. My problem is I over think most things.

I know : that knowledge and true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing. Those nutty Greeks may have been on to something.

I want : patience to deal with all of my blessings.

I dislike : intolerant people. There IS no moral supremacy. We are all people. We would get so much more accomplished if we would stop fighting amongst ourselves and just worked together toward a common goal instead of bickering over nit picky details and differences.

I miss: My brain function. I miss not being able to hold on to a thought for more than a moment.

I fear : rodents of any kind. Even big ones like beavers and bunnies freak me out. It's paralyzing sometimes and completely embarrassing.

I hear: the pitter patter of little feet in every direction. Silence is a rarity around these parts.

I smell : My shampoo, a fresh grass candle burning in the other room, and I think some one's diaper needs a changin and I will tell you it is not mine.

I crave : many things that are bad for me. My New Years resolution is kicking specific bad habits. But the cravings don't disappear over night. Ask me again in a couple months.

I cry : Nope. Not a crier. I don't think I have had a good cry in about 3 or 4 years. My Mom used to say that I am a Vulcan , void of emotion. Most times I agree with her. I don't know what my problem is, I am just not a crier.

I search : for rare, vintage Tupperware. It's the first thing I scan for at a garage sale or a second hand store. I'm a junkie like that.

I wonder: if my daughter's hair will stay blond or if it will turn darker like her brothers'. I wonder if my kids will still have fun and be close when they grow up and leave the house. I wonder if I will ever tire of swimming and being in the water; even when I am old and wearing my purple "old lady" swimsuit. I wonder if my husband truly knew the extent of the runaway train that is my mind when he married me.

I regret: little. I make it a point to not regret anything. But sometimes it is unavoidable. I have 2 things that I regret that come to mind. I regret not going out of state to go to college. I kept close to home because of a boy. The dumbest reason of all. I also wish I had gone into a career in travel and seen a little more of the world before I settled down and had kids. I don't regret settling down, but I am far more limited as far as seeing anything outside of my small bubble of existence.

I love: my family and my animals.

I care: about many things. It's hard to come up with something clever with such a vague statement.

I always : tap a soda can before I open it, sing along to the radio when I drive alone, have to talk to animals that come up to me (I don't want to be rude), I swear up and down that I hate shows like Funniest home videos claiming it drops your IQ. But I secretly watch it and find myself giggling despite myself. I always cook for 94 even though there are only 5 in my family. I love leftovers and I panic that someone won't get enough to eat.

I worry: about very little. Most would say that I am quite irresponsible. However, Jesus said to "let tomorrow worry about itself" and I find that very liberating. I have seen way too many people work themselves into a froth worrying about things that they have little control over. I have made it to a point to actively "let go and let God". It has taken a lifetime to learn and I still have things that sneak in, but that is just how I roll.

I am not: a princess or a beauty queen. I am not a girly girl that has her identity wrapped up in appearance or the opinion of a man. I am not a very good shoulder to cry on as I don't handle girly emotions very well. Also, I am not good at math.

I remember: alot. My memory runs deep. I have a quick recall so I can pull up useless knowledge on a dime. You don't want to play jeopardy with me. It's not that I am any smarter than anybody, it's just that I can recall facts really quick. We all have a superpower I guess.

I believe: that Jesus died and rose on the third day. I believe in the fun of Santa clause. I believe that JFK was shot because he was trying to lead the country in a new direction. I believe that Han Solo shot Greedo first, and I believe that Bigfoot lives in the forests of the Northwest. Weirder things have happened.

I dance: to techno, house and club mixes of 70's and 80's music. I have no shame and I love to dance. The catch is I rarely dance sober. So I don't do it nearly enough.

I sing: any chance I can get. In the car, at home along with commercial jungles, along with the muzak in the grocery store. It completely embarrasses and annoys my husband. I try to keep it to a minimum around him, but sometimes you just get a song in your head and you can't shake it until you sing it out loud. Although it is truly unfortunate that I am apparently tone deaf and can't carry a tune. So I usually get self conscience. But sometimes, like I said, little can be done to hold it in.

I argue: far too much. I am constantly reminded that not everyone cares what my opinions are. Over the years of repeatedly sticking my foot in my mouth, I have learned to get better control of my mouth. I am still learning though. Every now and then I am reminded about humility.

I write: mostly to keep a record of my day to day life. I am surprised just how much I write down in my blog that I wouldn't have otherwise written down, but would have been forgotten in a couple of years. I am really glad I wrote down trivial details. Even the bad things. It helps me remember things more accurately.

I win: sometimes. But in all honesty, I am in no way competitive. I don't like competition because it brings out the worst in people and creates conflict. No thank you.

I lose: hand fulls of hair every morning in the shower. I have always had really thin hair and this is why.

I wish: that I had a maid service, a landscaping service,an in ground pool, a bedroom for everyone in my house, free airline tickets to go anywhere we wanted to go, family that lived closer, and more hours in the day. Is that too much to ask?

I listen: to my kids sleeping at night. Each one of them has their own rhythmic breathing pattern that lets me know that they are deep asleep. It's just something that I like to do.

I am scared: that my kids will finally realize that I really don't know what I am doing. It's only a matter of time before they discover that I am making this up as I go.

I forget: simple details of everyday tasks. My brain after 3 kids has turned to bubble yum at this point. I find myself trying to make a pot of coffee without putting water in the pot. Or running through all the kids names and the dog's name before the right one lands on the right child.

I am happy: Just that. I am happy.

I tag: Shanna, Kristen and Meez. You have to do's the bloggy law!


Shanna said...

Ha!! You are sooo in for it!! :P

Rhandi said...

I loved reading that Jax!!! And just for the record, I completely got the "obscure reference" on the "I AM" portion. Love it.

MacKender 4 said...

Thanks Jax! I loved reading it! You put a lot of thought into it. Thanks for following through with the tag!

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