Saturday, January 3, 2009

An embarassing confession

Ok so I have this confession.

Apparently I have turned into one of THOSE girls.

I had a friend turn me on to this book. I had heard about it, but had little interest. I bought it and it sat on my nightstand for almost a month until I picked it up and my new obsession began.

A little book called Twilight.

I had heard how this book has swept the nation in the 9-18 year old girl demographic. I clearly am nowhere near that demo. But I thought I'd just see what all the hype is about. I have a deep love for Anne Rice and the vampires she created. It almost felt like I was cheating a bit as I started reading it.

Once I started though, it was like heroin. I could not put it down. There are 4 books in the series. I tore though all four of them in 6 days. When I was not reading, I was thinking about reading. It had turned into an intense obsession.

I saw the movie last week and then I turned my friend Molly on to the books the other day and she had the same response it it I had. So at least I'm not alone in this weird little world of fantasy. She called me last night and in a spur of the moment thing we decided it was out of our control and we had to go see the movie again. So at 10:30 at night these 2 obsessed thirty somethings sat in a theater with over hormoned teenagers and watched the movie.....again.
I can't even put my finger on what is so darn appealing about these books either. They are meant for teenagers, there is no language or sex. Aside from the obvious vampire stuff, they are completely clean.

It is all very bizarre.
My husband thinks I have lost my mind, but then this is not a new thing for him.

I can't be sure, but I think Molly and I may go see it again tomorrow afternoon.

Help!~ I am in love with teenage vampires! Glittery ones at that! :)


Rhandi said...

Do not be embarrassed. You are definitely not alone in your Twilight obsession! I too could NOT put them down once I started reading them this last summer, and read all four books in about 4 days total. I then loaned them to my sister, then my mom and gave my friend Jessica the first book as a gift. Each one of them also became completely obsessed. There is just something about the story! And you're right, it IS like heroin. I kept telling my mom that I felt addicted to the books, because the moments that I didn't have the book in my hands, ALL I could think of was when I'd be able to get my next hit of Twilight. Insanity.
They filmed much of the movie just up the road from my sister's house. Unfortunately, we didn't understand the importance of it at the time because we hadn't read the books yet. But I have since had my brother-in-law take me to one of the locations so I could see it in person. Talk about obsessed!

Rhandi said...

By the way: if you wanna go see it again, I will totally go with you. I've only seen it once and I am off work all this coming week. Woo!

Jax said...

yes i would love to see it again! do you have my cell #? Also i need to see the filming sights!! I was thinking about taking a trek up to St. Helens and poking around. I have a total problem :)

Rhandi said...

Yeah, I think I have your cell...

You have a problem? Honey... how obsessed do you think someone has to be to look up filming locations on the internet and then ask her brother in law to drive her there? We found the road, but it was pouring down rain so we didn't get out of the car. I think it was the spot where the Cullens played baseball.

When they start filming the second movie (which could be any time, since they've already announced that they want to release it in November 2009), I imagine that they'll have to go back to some of the same locations. We are gonna be such Twilight groupies... hahaha

Jax said...

I am so there with you stalking them!! They start shooting sometime in April. Yeah i am a dork and did some research. They just nailed down the director. Give me a call!! We are going to see it again tonight at Clackamas at 7:15 if you are interested. However I;m sure I'll see it again before it leaves theaters if you can't make it tonight :)

Rhandi said...

Yeah... since it's now 11:07 pm, clearly I'm not making it to the 7:15 show. Sorry! I didn't check this again in time... not that I probably would have anyway tonight since it started f-ing snowing out here again this afternoon and I'm paranoid about driving in it.

I will call you sometime this week! Love ya!

j said...


Rhandi said...

Real vampires don't sparkle?

Shame on your husband for saying such a thing...

The ones that MATTER do, J!

Jax said...


Drewman said...

It's not just for teenagers because my brothers, sisters, my aunt, and my grandma all got into them and couldn't put them down! I haven't started yet because I have to finish all of my school through to June before I can open one or else I may read those instead of school stuff. My sister told me it's based in and around Forks, Washington which is where we lived until I was 10 so I am excited to read them.
Christin Hinds

Shanna said...

If you need a tour guide let me know! Also- I think I have the hookups to spy on Belle's house from a neighboring street.
(Last time they blocked off the rd so nobody could go in or out.)
Too bad I didn't know how great the books were then I would have stalked the set a little more.

Kristin Coppee said...

YAY! That's all I have to say.

Who liknks to me? Ask me how....just kidding. Just click here.