Sunday, August 31, 2008

The state fair !!

So my husband got home last night safe and sound from Chicago. He had promised the kids that if they helped me out and were good while he was gone then he would take them to the state fair when he got home. Funny thing about kids is they never remember things like put up the toilet seat before you pee, but they do remember promises like that.

So as promised, we went to the fair this afternoon. We do this every year and always have a great time. My mom went with us too. Her and Sunshine ohhed and ahhed at the cool horses. We spent a lot of time in the livestock area and horse arena. We saw sheep, goats and pigs. We even saw a litter of piglets. Peanut loved that. We also got to see some (horse) riding demos with groups of women all dressed in sparkly clothes rode around and did a sort of dance (set to music) while riding in formations. It was really cool and I think Sunshine has found her calling.

But everyone's favorite part of the day was a pen with baby chicks in it. Sunshine was convinced that she was the pied piper of the chicks as they would follow her around anywhere she went. We even got a video of it. It was pretty cute. She was trying to outrun them and they would haul and try to catch up. You know, as fast as their little chicky legs would carry them.

Although I have to say, my favorite part of the day is always the ice cream. There is something indulgently grand about fair food. It's only once a year :)


Shanna said...

Looks like a fun day!!! :) I haven't been to the fair in years!

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