Saturday, August 30, 2008

Day care and blood and stitches...OH MY!

So yesterday was the day to end all days. It started with a scream and ended with a whimper.

I woke up this morning to the sounds of horror movie type screams. It turns out that the kids were just playing 6:30 in the morning. Really? This early? Great thanks. Well I'm up, might as well get going with my day.

My in laws just got home from a 6 week vacation in Alaska and they were grandkids starved, so they came by this morning to get the older ones to take school shopping. So I was down to 1 and frankly it is just so much easier to get things done with one.

So I got a my kitchen cleaned and a few posts up on Ebay. I just sort of got a few things done with them gone.

Then, I had promised a friend of mine that I would help out at her daycare today so that she and her family could get away for the holiday (labor day) weekend. My in laws dropped my kids off when they were done shopping so that they could play with the other kids. My kids love coming over here.

It was a typical day at the daycare. Children as far as the eye can see and an organized series of directions. Playtime, lunchtime,nap time,playtime again ,snack time you get the idea. They have a pretty structured system and I am thankful for that.

Well at the end of the day while parents were beginning to trickle in and pick up their kids, everyone was in the playroom playing.

Then I hear it.

This shrieking scream.

I run in there to find Sunshine on her back and a plastic rocking horse on top of her. The floor is carpeted, so I just think "well it just looks like she got the wind knocked out of her, but otherwise I think she will make it."

She had a "hair pretty" in her hair that was a rubber band with a bead on it. Her hair at this point looks like a bit of a bird's nest so I take out the pretty and try to fix it.

Then I see it.

Her pretty blond hair all wet with blood in the back hidden under her wild hair.

This poor baby hit that floor pretty hard and landed smack dab on that bead in her "hair pretty".
It literally split her melon. She had a 1/2 inch slit on the back of her head that was gushing blood.

I just grabbed her , who at this point was starting to get a little white and sleepy. Not a good sign. I grabbed her, told Molly (the other girl working with me) I had to go and I would send someone to pick up the boys as soon as I could, and off to the ER we ran.

I made frantic calls in the car and thank the Lord, my Mom just happened to be in my area, so she met me at the hospital where she got briefed and sent back out to take care of the boys.

We got in and seen pretty quickly. The whole experience took about 2 hours. I think that is our personal record with Kaiser.

Sunshine came through like a total champ. She sat through 3 shots to her scalp,2 staples, 2 staple removals, then 2 stitches. The Dr. couldn't quite make up her mind of what she wanted to do with closing it up. Good thing she was numb.

By the time we got home it was dinner and bed time. Everyone has pretty much worn themselves out. Between the playing at the daycare and the adrenaline of the day, we just ate and called it a day. Everyone crawled into bed and didn't make a peep once they were down.

Yikes!! My husband gets home from Chicago tonight and I think I may need a vacation next :)


Shanna said...

Poor little sister! I hope she is doing good today. We had an experience like that that involved bunkbeds a corner of a heater and staples.

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