Monday, August 11, 2008

And then came the peaches....

So if you have been playing the home game, you have been following my obsession that happens every summer. I have become obsessed with preserving enormous quantities of produce.

Today my Mom came over and we canned up 2 cases of peaches. In my estimation, these will have been consumed in approximately 3 months. Each year I make more and more, yet we cruise through them like no body's business.

Although we did have a good time. There is something fun when there is someone else to share the canning and blanching responsibilities with. I think the Amish women may be onto something with their canning socials. beans.

But not just beans.....dilly beans. Only like the best pickled vegetable ever.
Stay tuned.

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Mees said...

I'm wondering if the obsession with picking and preserving is a genetic thing...because i LOVE doing that kind of thing during the summer too.

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