Thursday, August 28, 2008

Peanut's first big boy haircut

Ok I know this isn't really all that big of a deal to most people, but I am beginning to realize that Peanut isn't exactly a little baby anymore. This is just one more step to being a big kid. I took Bug in this morning to get his haircut before school starts next week and the barber asked if I wanted to see if Peanut would sit still for one too.

He hopped right up in that chair and sat still like a champ. He didn't fuss or try to see what the barber was doing or anything. When he was done he even had a sucker waiting for him. (his favorite part) I think he felt like a big kid doing what he watched Bug do a million times before.

Looks like my days of cutting my boys' hair may numbered.

Problem is...I don't think I am quite ready for him to be a big kid yet. Since he is my last baby I would like him to stay a baby just a little longer if thats ok with him :)


j said...

Not bad!

We have that photo of Bug getting his hair cut with all the hair sticking to the tears on his face.

He looked like a sad shaven wookie.

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