Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ok I swore I'd never do this....

I know I swore I'd never do this, but desperate times and all.....

I have been selling Tupperware for almost a year. For those of you who know me, know I am Tupperware fanatic from way back. My mom sold it when I was young and my Grandma still sells it now. I grew up with a weird love for all things indestructible and burping. I started selling it mainly to fuel my obsession and get a discount. But I have never been one for public speaking. I really am not all that great at presentation. I have just been content with sitting back and letting those who knew I sold it to come to me for orders. I don't like pimping out my wares door to door.

But after doing parties for friends and family, I have found that I am coming to the end of my rein of the Queen of Tupperware. I have until August 28th to put in an order or else I am going to go inactive. Which means I can't sell it anymore.

So....here's my desperate plea.....if you have the burning desire to own the finest in plastic products that last a lifetime (and if they don't let me know because they do have a lifetime guarantee and will be replaced no questions asked) now would be a great time to put in an order.

I have a little blinking icon on my side bar that takes you directly to my website. Or if you are in my inner circle and have my phone number, give me a call.

Like I said, I have until August 28th. Any little bit helps.

Thank you.
I promise I will never peddle myself on here again a la Jerry Lewis telethon style. I figured it couldn't hurt to throw up the the bat signal just in case there was someone out there who was dyeing for a complete set of modular mates to organize their pantry, but just didn't know who to turn to for such help.

I am here to help!


Shanna said...

The thought of new tupperware makes me giggle like a school girl. Too bad school shopping for three children took all mommys extra money and now I can not get a tupperware high.

I will pass the info on to some of my friends who's husbands have better jobs then mine and can afford both school clothes and tupperware ;) Good luck!

j said...

"I grew up with a weird love for all things indestructible and burping."

And that's why she married me.

Kristin Coppee said...

I suck! I have no money! I don't even have money for school clothes like Shanna. But if I did, I would buy tupperware - not just because you need to sell it, but also because I need it. I really hope somebody buys from you. That would stink to go inactive.

Shanna said...

Ha!! Burping tupperware is the bomb... Burping husbands... Well thats another story :)

Anonymous said...

Wish I could help. That's one of the reason I had to stop selling Stampin'Up.

Love the new colors of your blog!!!

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