Monday, May 19, 2008

Trying to keep cool

This weekend we had some sort of freak heat wave. Ok let me remind you here that a little over a month ago we had snow during spring break. This week we top 100 degrees. Whatever.

Well to top it off, we have a fantastic forced air system that should hold our inside temperature at a comfortable 68 degrees. In theory. We have a digital thermostat that after living in this house for 8 years, we have yet to figure out how it works. It usually takes about a week to get it under control and then we don't touch it again until it's time to turn on the heat in the fall. This however wasn't the weekend however that we got the thermostat under control. So basically it drove us outside into the 90+ degree weather to try to cool off.

Really what it boils down to is that we are too cheap to call out a service person to see what is going on with it.

I don't think it is broken, I just think there is an IQ prerequisite.

Anyhow, out of the misery of face melting temperatures, we did manage to get some decent pictures.


MacKender 4 said...

Your kiddos are so cute! Good job keeping up the photos in the HOT weather!

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