Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Random facts # 5,6,and 7

Ok more random facts time. Are you ready?

Here we go ...


I have never had a childhood illness. Not without trying either. That is chicken pox, measles, mumps. My mom would always stick me around kids that were sick when I was young, just so that I could get it and have it be over. But I would never catch anything. When I was pregnant, it made my midwife a little nervous that I have never had chicken pox. I guess if you get it when you are pregnant , it can cause all sorts of problems. So she wanted me to go and get the vaccine. But before they give it to you, you must have a blood test to make absolutely sure that you don't have antibodies that would counter the vaccine. So I did. Well it turns out, I have a natural immunity to chicken pox. How this is possible I have no idea. I am just a freak like that.


Only under complete force do I ever wear socks. I own 3 pair of socks and they are only for the gym. I am always either barefoot or in flip flops. Always. Year round. No exception. I feel completely claustrophobic in socks and closed in shoes. It started with my first pregnancy. My feet grew a size and a half. Plus I had really high blood pressure which made me swell like nobody's business. So shoes were really uncomfortable. Then once I got pregnant again and again (you get the idea.) Each pregnancy my feet grew a little more. I used to be a nice and dainty size 8. I'm now a freakish 10 1/2 sometimes 11. That is the type of awesome that nobody wants. But one of the perks of not havening a conventional job is that I can be barefoot all day and nobody is going to complain.


I am a human jukebox. When I was younger my Dad was a disc jockey a couple towns over. My parents divorced when I was three, so I didn't get as much time with my dad as I would have liked. But I knew that he was on the air somewhere. So I was constantly listening to the radio hoping to hear his voice. Unfortunately I didn't understand the whole concept that we didn't pick up his station where we lived. But I listened none the less. The radio was always on. Because of this , it seems I can sing along to just about any song from the 70's and 80's with pretty good accuracy as far as lyrics. What is funny about this, is I didn't really know I had this skill until one day my husband and I were bored and watching an infomercial. (Clearly this is long before kids. Who has the time for that now :) It was one of those CD compilations of the hits from the 70's. I sang along with every sample song they gave. He just looked at me and asked "how do you know all of these?" I thought " I don't know, how come you don't?" Then it turned into a game. He would try to stump me and we would watch more of those dumb commercials. I could always name that tune in under 5 notes. He then deemed me the "human jukebox" I carry my title proudly.

Ok so there you go.

There are always more to come.

There will be a quiz later. Just so you know.

Peace out.


Sandi said...

I have the most amazing daughter-in-law . . . and just for the record something else that she is good/great at . . . Disney trivia. We 'played' with her one time. Actually we watched her answer every question given to her and her little game piece just moved around the board unhindered.

Anonymous said...

I just crack up reading your random facts! I've never known anyone to have a natural immunity to chicken pox, but maybe that is what my mom has. She was never able to "catch" them either.

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