Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's day!!

I just want to publicly thank all of the Mother's in my life that have taught me how to be a Mother. My own Mom, step mom, Mother in law, Aunts and Grandmothers who paved the way and led by example of how to Mother our kids.

So my words are few, but in my opinion, pictures speak louder than words anyways. So I give you my favorite memories of these great women and a few of my own great moments in mothering.

I love you all.

My mom and I then and now.

My awesome Mother in law

My step mom

Sunshine showing off her Mommy skills

Grandma, Aunt and Mom.

Aunt and Uncle

My mom, Mother in law, Grandma and husband's grandma.

Peanut and I

Grandma dressing up with Bug at Halloween

Grandma and Sunshine

Peanut and Grandma up at the cabin

Happy Mother's day!!

Now go hug your mom won't you?


Rhandi said...

Happy Mother's Day, Jax! Love you!

Anonymous said...

AuntieD says the pictures are wonderful. I love your blog.

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