Monday, May 19, 2008

I heart Barack Obama

Ok I know I don't normally do posts like this, but I promise it won't turn into a common occurrence. But as a native Oregonian, it should come as no real surprise that I am a bleeding heart, bedwetting liberal. As such I love me some Barack Obama. I won't go in a long winded argument as to why. I still believe that politics , much like religion is a personal choice. Point and case, just because I consider myself a Christian, certainly doesn't mean that I only vote for the "conservative vote". I vote for the person that I think will do the best job and the person who will take us in the direction that I think we need to be going.

If this tarnishes your golden opinion of me, well then so be it.

In any case, Obama was in town yesterday down at the waterfront. I love this city for a lot of reasons, but I especially love that when a guy like Barack Obama comes to town, all the folks come out. As you may or may not know, Portland is one of the most bike friendly cities in the country. Add the two factors together and you end up with a million bikes parked anywhere and everywhere.

I guess Portland broke some sort of record for an event like this. We had over 75,000 people down at the waterfront.


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j said...

The bike situation was out of control.

The rails on hawthorne and the waterfront were literally covered in bikes. Two deep at times.

It was the most insane amount of bikes ever.

Also, what I love about Obama is the only person around who thinks that we should sit down and actually talk to Iran, as opposed to ignoring them, making threats, and drumming up fear and hate.

That's the only reason I haven't written him off like I have every other politician.

Anonymous said...

A liberal? Yikes! I still luv ya Jacqui, but not sure about your poliltical allegiance. Why would you support someone who goes almost wholely against what the Bible teaches.

I've missed you and the kids on Sundays. Hope you find your way back or somewhere else you can worship and fellowship.

Lori Elliott said...

GASP!! CHOKE, GASP! No, it has nothing to do with you being liberal or a Obama supporter...I have really, really bad allergies and have just recovered from a choking fit......

I was blown away by the turnout for his rally. The pictures of all those bikes are just amazing! Portland is a beautiful city and the setting from which he gave his speech was just gorgeous!

You know, I tend to be conservative but I don't know this time...I am really unsure...I believed in a President to take us where we want to go and here we are a country in war, loosing respect of other nations, stirring trouble, suffering from outrageous gas prices, failing economy....I could go on but it appears to me something has gone terribly wrong with this current leadership. I don't know. As for what Heather said, I have only heard hearsay about Obama's beliefs--and they haven't exactly come from reliable sources--Heather may know more than I--BUT this is what I know for sure: God is in charge! HE elects the "kings and rulers," of our world and of our nation. Christians say, "Well, yes, but we must vote responsibly and with moral conviction." I did that 4 years ago....or so I thought....I just don't know what to do this time around except to pray! Whoever becomes our president will need Christians to pray for them and be respectful and loving people just as Jesus would want us to be!

I also echo what Heather said...I miss those beautiful kids of yours and I miss you too!

Have I mentioned how I love your Blog? I think I say that every time :-) You have something here...should turn it into a book or something!!

Take care,
Lori E

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