Saturday, May 3, 2008

First T ball game!!

So last night was Bug's first Tball game. He did really well considering he had 2 games back to back. One at 6 and the other at 8. Now mind you, bedtime in our house is at 7. So that eight O'clock game sort of was a bummer. But we just took 2 cars and I had to split and take Sunshine and Peanut home to bed. If they weren't falling apart I would have stayed for the whole thing though. They all did surprisingly well.

It was fun to watch. All of the kids on both teams were about at the same skill level (and distraction level) I never played T ball, so I was sort of curious how it worked. But basically it's the same as baseball, but there are no outs, they just let the whole team bat. Then they switch teams. Also, you can only take one base at a time. So really why bother scoring? It gets kids used to the game I guess. Also learning how to play and work together as a team. Honestly, it was far more entertaining just watching the kids get bored and creative while out in the field. Bug had a talking to a couple times by the base coaches for making sandcastles in the dirt while he was suppose to be playing shortstop. What can you do?

Also Sunshine made some new friends with all the other little sisters of the players. They were quite a cheer leading section.

The cutest part of the night was when the first game wrapped up and all the players greet each other with the "side five and the repetitive "good game,good game,good game", they really weren't given instructions of what to do. So they went through that line and instead of the side five, they shook each other's hands. It took them forever to get through that line, but it was pretty cute. Very civilized :)


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