Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sunshine "Turkey lips"

So for whatever reason I have this thing where I rarely call my kids by their actual birth name. I really do call Bug ,Bug. Peanut usually goes by lumpy (not sure why) or stinky (for obvious reasons). But Sunshine has a wide assortment of nicknames most of which make her crazy and she screams out "NO MY NAME IS SUNSHINE!!!" But she screams out her first middle and last names just to make sure there is no confusion. It got to be a game just because it bothered her so. (I totally expect a transcript of this blog post to be used in her therapy sessions)

Her nicknames are....

Sister Sue

Anne Oakley

Clamity Jane

"Sunshine" lue


But the most commonly used are "Sunshine" pants or my personal favorite (and her least) "Sunshine" Turkey lips. Don't know where I got it, but one day it just struck me as funny.

Whenever I call her that now she feels it nessicary to stick out her lips and try to gobble. It's really quite a sight to behold. It generally turns into a jumbled mess of muted sounds. It's pretty funny though.

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