Friday, April 25, 2008


So today I was assembeling some shelving units that I got for the boys' room and there were chuncks of styrofoam in the packaging. This is like the greatest thing on planet Earth in the eyes of Sunshine. Why, I am not sure exactly. But she wanted every chunck she could get her hands on. So I gave it to her as long as she kept it where I could see it. She has a really bad habit of ripping things to shreads like a little hamster. I'm not sure why she thinks it's so much fun to shread things, but I always find little piles of papers or tin foil where she has been playing.

So I go on assembeling these shelves. I got 3 of them so it takes me most of the afternoon.(Thank goodness I'm not a carpenter, I suck at this kind of stuff) She wanders in and out of the family room where I was working. It comes time for me to take these shelves upstairs when Sunshine comes out of her room......covered in what appears to be styrofoam snow. I can already see the writing on the wall.

Me- "Sunshine, where is all that styrofoam at?"

Sunshine- "I don't know." (eyes darting around looking for a quick story to come up with)

Me- "Did you take it upstairs?" (Looking her directly in the eye knowing she is a crummy liar and breaks down under pressure)

Sunshine- (After like a very awkward 30 seconds or so) "No......don't go in my room"

So what do I do? What any mental case mommy blogger would do....grabbed my camera....and then marched right up to her room.

This is the incriminating evidence that I beheld.

It was everywhere. In her bed, in the window sills. It was a big old mess.

So this afternoon Sunshine got her first crash course on how to work a vacume. She picked it up pretty quick.

Get it...picked it up?

Wakka wakka

Just another day in paradise :)

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Rhandi said...

I laughed... I cried... I audibly gasped at the amazing, static-y, covering-every-possible-surface mess that was Sunshine's bedroom. God, I love your kids! I think someone from Hollywood should turn your Blog into sitcom. I mean, really!

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