Sunday, April 27, 2008

An afternoon at OMSI

So all this week I sunk to the lowest of lows in Mommydom. Bribery. Bug has had some behavioral issues at school and his teacher sends home daily reports to let me know of the goings on in class. I told Bug that if he could make it through the entire week with a good report, then I would take him to OMSI (Oregon museum of science and industry((NERD HEAVEN!!))) So it was hard for him, but I just kept dangling that carrot, and he made it.

So today we all went out there. They have a really cool dinosaur exhibit with scale animanatronic dinosaurs. They were cool, but they scared the pants right off of Sunshine, so we didn't spend a lot of time in there, but we did check out all of the other exhibits. Bug had a blast learning a multitude of cool things. He's really science driven, so it is right up his alley.

We all had a great time.
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