Sunday, April 27, 2008

The big garage sale

So the moment I have been dreading for the past couple months finally came. A nice Saturday to have a garage sale. My garage has been over run by boxes of kids clothes that have long been outgrown. But the annoying thing with kids clothes is that I feel like I have so much money tied up in them that I have a hard time just giving it to Goodwill. I thought that maybe.. just maybe I could have a garage sale and make a little of that money back. Unfortunately I never seem to remember just what a pain in the keester a garage sale really is.

But we set it all up and had a lot of people come though our driveway. I would just like to point out here that all those clothes racks in the pictures are all kids clothes. Plus I have tables set up that were also covered ONLY in kids clothes. But the sad thing is....I still had about 4 giant rubbermaids that were full and never got put out. Do you see the insanity here yet?

Well after all our efforts and a scorching sunburn, we have about $40 to show for our day. I was so annoyed with the whole thing that I bagged up about 80% of those clothes and sent it off to the Goodwill. I am tired of tripping over it. I made up a choice bag of girls clothes and boy's clothes as I have friends with babies that could probably enjoy some hand-me-downs. But other than that it's gone. And feels pretty liberating to purge. I have been finding myself oddly attached to "stuff" and the time has come to break the need/want for stuff. Especially kids stuff. I think in a weird way I was holding on to a lot of those clothes for sentimental reasons.( even though I was selling them.) I guess I had to realize that once the newborn clothes were gone, then that meant the newborn stage was gone too. Silly I know. I did save a handful of clothes for my kids hope chests of their baby stuff. But it really isn't necessary to hang on to the whole wardrobe :)

So Stuff be gone!!!
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