Monday, April 13, 2009

Twilight party

So on Saturday I went out to my friend Shanna's house in St Helens for a big Twilight party she had. She being a fellow sister in obsession with the saga, she was awesome and opened up her house and we got to watch the movie, eat Twilight themed food and we also went on a tour of the town which as you may know (if you are my real friend and read my blog religiously which in my mind you all do) St Helens is where they filmed the majority of the movie. Molly and I went out there a couple months ago and I even put up a post about it here.

But this time I had Edward with me to re-enact some of his scenes. I am fairly certain that not only the girls that were with my group thought I may be out of my mind. And if they didn't, then the townsfolk did. But like any good blogger, I had to share my experiences with the world.

So enjoy!

Edward outside Bella's house.
Edward outside the bookstore.

Edward scaring off potential rapists. Isn't he intimidating?He's growling on the inside.

My lunatic self with Edward outside a store that the crew used for their set decoration.As the sign says.

The ally

The bloated toad aka "the restaurant"

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Me and my fictional boyfriend.

Send for help :)


Rhandi said...

OMG! I love you even more right now than I already did. I just wish I'd been there to witness, share, encourage & participate in your Twilight themed madness (sorry J!). I am SO jealous.

I want to know more about the party. What were the Twilight themed foods you guys had? And what amazing genius created the Twilight poster cut-out.

PS: I am one of the "real friends" you have dreamed of. I check your blog daily. You're welcome. xoxo

Jax said...

You know as we were half way there it occurred to me.."I should have invited Rhandi! Duh!"

Sorry. I am a tard.

Our Twilight themed food...I brought berry cobbler (you know the one that Charlie still eats every Thursday) And Molly brought mushroom ravioli (that Bella ate in the bloated toad).

There was much mention of food in the books though. I wanted to find a recipe for an awesome fish fry (a la Harry clearwater) but it didn't work out right.

We'll find a time when we can go out there together.

MacKender 4 said...

You make me laugh! HOW FUN is a Twilight party! I would go to something like that :). Thanks for making me smile! Love the Edward Pics!

j said...

For your Twilight themed food... did you guys eat pillows? Just like Edward did?

Jax said...

You shut your filthy pie hole. Go gripe about my love of all things Twilight over or your own blog. It's my party and I'll swoon if I want to!!

Shanna said...

Love the blog post and I am SO glad you guys made it out, it was a fun night :-)

Rhandi said...

It's really no biggie. I was spent Saturday with Kurtis & Dom, so I wouldn't have been able to go anyway. :) Thanks for thinking of me on the way there, though! I cannot wait to be a total Twilight-dweeb with you sometime.

Jax said...

Oh our day will come my friend and it WILL be glorious.

Also in a side note, I would imagine that jason will in fact gripe about my twi-love on his own blog.

Why oh why did Edward have to be a pillow biter? Jason gets me with that one every time! :) It's like my twilight kryptonite.

Geli said...

Awesome :)
I wish we could have gotten the life-sized cutout from the coffee shop... Sigh.... ;)

Rhandi said...

Whatever... Edward makes me wanna bite pillows too. Grrrrr.

Kristin Coppee said...

LOL! I'm so jealous of you on the poster with Edward in the end. Oh my gosh! Those pics were AWESOME! LUCKY! I watched an interview he did about filming the scene where he has to be intimidating to that group of guys. I guess he had a hard time getting it right. He didn't know how to get an evil look in his eye. I totally could have shown him how it's done. I scare my kids with that look all the time. He said he was in the worst mood on set that day because he had to keep trying again and again. I would have had it right on the first try. I should totally go into acting.

Kristin Coppee said...

On another note - HOLY CRAP, JAX! Thank you for promoting me! The song is not for sale at the moment since I'm trying to get it on New Moon. For now I just need as many people as possible to log onto, look up The Mending Seed, watch the video and rate it. Leaving comments is good too. It's part of my campaign for when I approach Summit.

In other exciting news - my cousin heard it, loved it and told me his wife's aunt is best friends with Stephenie Meyer. He said he was going to see the aunt at Easter and he was going to make her listen to the song in hopes that she would take it to Stephenie because if Stephenie likes it, she can get Summit to listen to it. ANYWAY, I haven't heard back. I need to email him and let him know that keeping me waiting is not a good idea. LOL. I'm dying here!

Also, the CEO of BMI records in Nashville has heard it and apparently really likes it and says HE has connections to get it into New Moon. Again - still waiting to hear back. (SIGH)

Thanks, again, for your support! It means so much to me! I'm really touched. Thank you!

Brian Janssen said...

Oh my word, Jaqui, you crack me up!

Who liknks to me? Ask me how....just kidding. Just click here.