Saturday, April 25, 2009

My gazebo

So I had this great gazebo that rockstar got me last year.

It was my salvation in the warm months. When the sun is out I am physically incapable of being inside. So the gazebo is where we spent the majority of our summer. We ate nearly every meal out there and would even drag the laptop out. I loved it.

Then tragedy struck.......dun dun dun!!!!

We had this insane ice storm that took out everything. The weight of the snow and ice tore the canvas of the gazebo. I thought well, it's annoying, but I'll have to get a replacement canvas roof. They are not all that expensive and it sort of was a learning lesson that I should have taken the canvas off for the winter.

Then as if that was not enough, once the snow melted, we got this vicious wind storm and the wind literally picked up the steel framed gazebo like an umbrella and threw it across our yard Wizard of Oz style. It completely crunched up the frame and bent the support beams. Rockstar had to take a hacksaw to it and pull it apart for scrap metal.

It was dead and gone. I was sad about the whole thing. I know it is just a thing, but I really loved that gazebo.

But the healing process had to begin and we started thinking about getting another one.

I looked and looked, but I couldn't settle on the right one.

But then I saw it across the Sears showroom. The one!!

Luckily we had just gotten our tax return and had budgeted to get another one.

So we got it and Rockstar went to go pick it up in our van. It was all disassembled and in a giant box. He barely got it in our van as the whole thing came in one box.

It weighed about 4000 lbs and took 3 men and a boy to get it in and out of the van.

But after 7 hours of assembly and a lot of his his own hair being pulled out, he had it together.

And it is glorious. A little bigger than our last one and a bar with stools attached so that the kids have somewhere to go other than a separate "kids table" on the deck when we have company. Already we have eaten the majority of our meals out there since it went up. It makes our little house not quite so cramped.


Kristin Coppee said...

That's my gazebo! Okay, the one I want. I want that so bad! I'm so jealous! It looks awesome. My husband and I are dying to buy one of those someday!

Jax said...

It has made such a huge difference in the summer. It's like adding another room in the summer.

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