Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It has happened

It has finally happened. It took longer than I expected it to, but here it is. I have finally lost my ever loving mind. I have been fighting the urge to join the bandwagon in purchasing every Twilight related thing I could get my hand on. I have been doing rather well in that I have bought nothing but the books. I figured Stephanie Meyer has made enough money off of me. Today I realized that I can't fight this feeling anymore. I've forgotten what I started fighting for. (sorry)

So I bring you my new BFF. My very own mini Edward doll.

Then I started having fun with him.

This is Edward raising the roof.

This is Edward snorkeling.

On a roller coaster

On a sunset beach,

You get the idea.

Seriously, I have a problem. There should be a 12 step program for my brand of crazy.


j said...

1: Why did I buy her a mac?

2: Why do I allow her to access to the bank account?

3: Does she even really need me anymore?

mari said...

I don't know much about Twilight, but I do know that blog was AWESOME!

This is coming from a girl who bought a Fox Mulder action figure.

Kristin Coppee said...

(SIGH) An Edward doll. I don't typically get into dolls, but I'm just thinking I might have to get me one of those. Does it come in life size? A blow up one maybe? LOL. I know, I'm truly sick. Sicker than you!

MacKender 4 said...

You make me laugh! Can Edward be a BUNCO sub? :)LOL

Rhandi said...

OMG... I think I just peed a little!

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